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Essential Travel Apps That Every Travel Enthusiast Needs

Modern day travel in 2020 depends on technology like no time before. Not only do travel apps provide information, guidance and inspiration, but they can also be a great resource to plan your trips and manage the general logistics of your travelling. 

There are plenty of apps available out there in the app development world that should be in your itinerary when it comes to useful travel apps. Whether it’s helping you navigate through a new city, book your next hotel or help with your language difficulties, there’s practically an app out there for everything.

If you’re looking to book your next trip, you may want to consider these apps as part of your travels so you can have a stress relieved trip experience.

Booking flights – Hopper

One frustrating aspect of travelling is that your plan can be rather spontaneous. Therefore, your trips might not be set in stone and you may need to book flights or updates off the cuff. With Hopper, it’s the ideal app for you to find the cheapest flights extremely last minute. It uses a colour code system to show historical prices of the dates you choose for each of your trips. Green shows the cheapest days to fly whilst red shows the most expensive. It can be perfect when you’re working on a budget and are being rather spontaneous with your trip choices.

Accommodation –

Managing your hotel accommodation and booking through is extremely simple. It has everything you need at your fingertips and even has a reward scheme that’s perfect for discount rooms when you need to skrimp a little on your prices. It also has features to search and compare, check your details and gain instant savings.

Organising your trip – Roadtrippers

If you’re organising an epic road trip with your pals, Roadtrippers can be perfect for just exactly that. It can not only plan out your route but it can also show you hotels and activities that are close by along the way. It also has a unique feature of showing interesting places that are out of site that you can enjoy as well as not-to-miss landmarks that you can visit. Bookmarking them is great to remember them for the future. 

Navigating through your airports – Loungebuddy

You always want to have a smooth experience when you enter the airport, and there’s no better way to do that than getting yourself into the airport lounge for a comfortable experience. Loungebuddy offers airport lounge access regardless of the airport that you’re visiting or the class that you’re flying with. If you’re looking to search for a specific lounge access, it also enables you to search for that too.

Your business is doing great and you want to expand, you decide that Europe is your best option, but what should you be wary of? Creating a business in your homeland can be difficult enough, expanding into another country should be done with some caution. It’s an exciting time to be expanding the business but here’s a look at some tips to consider before you start the big expansion.



It may seem obvious, but some wouldn’t consider the country they are moving to as a separate entity in Europe. Every country has its own laws and opinions to your own so it’s best to research whether your product or service will be suitable for the chosen market. Testing the product overseas is a good way to work out the reaction to your service, this will help minimise costs if the business isn’t appropriate for the country. Also, researching the cost of land and materials will show if the country is a viable option, using professionals in the sector can help you with working out the worth of buildings and land.

Legal Aid

Every business will benefit from using corporate solicitors whilst setting up a business overseas. Their guidance will help you will all the different laws that come with employment in a foreign land, a lot of rules can change abroad so it’s best to have a professional telling you that everything you’re doing is legal before any issues can be raised. Employees rights, working hours, office and warehouse safety are all areas to focus on whilst running a business in Europe as it all varies depending on the country.

Pace Yourself

For most businesses, there isn’t a rush to execute big decisions regarding expansion. Waiting for the right time of year for the businesses needs should be considered, don’t try to move during your busiest time as it’s likely to add errors to the current business or the move. Taking the time to plan everything through and prepare stocks will ensure your business thrives overseas.

Political Climate

Whilst taking your time you should consider the political climate, learning about recent updates in the country has the potential to change any big decision you want to make. A good example would be Brexit, it’s going to change a lot of trading lines and law in different countries and might have the potential to affect your business negatively. Taxes are another area to consider, some countries will offer you relief to start up there, whilst others may charge more than you were expecting.


I enjoy travelling the world and finding some of the most beautiful and overlooked destinations often missed by travellers. Among the coast of Croatia, is a beautiful paradise that has often been over looked as a wonderful destination in Europe. I decided to embark on this journey on my Croatia vacation, and share with you some of my most unforgettable moments of this beautiful destination.

With over 1,000 amazing islands hidden within Croatia, it was hard to decide on just one (or even a few) to visit during mytime there. However, my trip to Croatia just wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t visit and explore at least one of the islands.


Zlatni rat

The island of Brac intrigued me; the beautiful and glorious hills along the bay, it just stood out to me with all of the gorgeous accents. The view was breathtaking and indescribable. I’ll never forget the feeling of peace that I felt while staring at the rolling hills of beauty.


Old town hvar

As I travelled by ferry to the island of Hvar, I immediately understood the reasoning behind this destination being known as a party island. It was like stepping into the night life, filled with clubbing and drinking of course. I highly suggest a visit to this island if you are a young (or older) party-goer like myself. This island sure knows how to show their guests a good time!

National park Plitvice


The amazingly stunning waterfalls that are found within the national park of Plitvice was a breathtaking experience unlike any other. It was like stepping into one of them motion pictures that people hang up on their walls. The beauty was just indescribable.

The beautiful and breathtaking islands were not the only destinations that I found myself within. There were so many areaswithin Croatia that was like stepping back in time. There was so much history behind the streets and architecture of the buildings. The Diocletian’s Palace was more than stunning, it was beyond impressive with its medieval streets andstructures as if it were from a movie scene. The anciently preserved citiesinside Croatia were not a disappointment.

The beautiful views and destination spots within the Dalmatian coast of Croatia were beyond describable. Sitting on the steps of Roman ruins released stress as I sat there enjoying the views with a beverage in hand. It was a moment that I could never forget as I looked up at the glorious star-filled sky.

My trip to Croatia was one of the most peaceful and enjoying experiences that I have had in a long time, and was definitely one of my favorite destinations that I have visited so far. This is by far one of the most overlooked destinations in the world. With its many islands and beautiful culture and history, this trip provided me with memories to last a lifetime.

Between the stunning coastline, the waterfalls, party islands and everything else;my tripto the Dalmatian region of Croatia has been nothing of the ordinary. The Dalmatian region of Croatia is by far, one of the most beautiful destinations worth visiting. I would love to go back and visit some of the secret islands hidden within the coast. The whole experience was overwhelmingly beautiful and memorable; something I will surely never forget.

Also worth of notice because of all these things I have came to understand that Croatia property is one of the highest seeking properties in Eastern Europe, due to its beauty and position it is often purchased by tourists even. It would be nice to have a vacation home in this beautiful land wouldn’t it?

Travelling solo can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, discovering cultures, making friends for life and knowing the true feeling of complete independence. However, it can at times be a challenging journey, battling unexpected events and sometimes even loneliness. Here are some top tips for solo travel if you’re thinking about embarking on a solo adventure:


Thorough planning

It can be a freeing experience to live life as it comes, taking opportunities that arise with no ties. This can certainly be achieved with solo travel and is definitely an element of its appeal. However, having rough plans in place could save you from not having anywhere to sleep, incurring unnecessary costs and prevent you feeling unsafe. You should, at the bare minimum, decide which countries you will be visiting, in what order, and research where it best to stay within those areas. Booking through Airbnb’s nowadays is popular for solo travellers, although it can be expensive, it provides you with your own space and can often be booked last minute.


Keep in touch

Loneliness can be your biggest battle when travelling solo. Try booking a room in some hostels amongst the Airbnb’s and hotels, where the feeling of community can help you to make friends. Making friends is an important part of a solo journey in order to stop yourself from feeling isolated. Engage in any festivals, events and open mic nights, and get yourself out there, approaching a group of people you feel like you may want to spend more time with. On many occasions, you will end up travelling on with them in future, meaning you’ve got some company for the long journey’s ahead!


Savvy Thinking

Considering little ways to make the overall trip cheaper is the best way to keep the trip constantly affordable and have some spare money for any emergency. Booking overnight trains to save on accommodation might seem uncomfortable but with the right travel pillow you’ll be able to save some money long term. Using a travel card is another savvy tip to ensure you finances are safe and you get a better exchange rate. it’s best to take fitness clothing or something comfortable you can wear on a train.


Don’t take more than you need

The key to solo travelling is to travel light, taking with you only the necessities. Many travellers prefer to carry a backpack where they can fit their clothes, toiletries, spare sleeping bag and anything else they may need. This way, you’re limited with what you can fit, meaning you’re almost forced to travel lightly. If you purchase something and don’t have the room to bring it home, then why not post it? Many travellers come across items they’d like to take home with them and end up sending them back home to a relative to keep safe upon their return.



For countries such as America, you’ll need to apply for an ESTA, giving you up to three months travel without needing a Visa. A similar program is available in the UK, with their Visa Waiver system. However, if you intend on a longer stay, then it may be worth looking into how to apply for British citizenship. Visa policies vary from country to country, you’ll need to do some research into the countries you are visiting and establish what documents you may need before you travel.


Croatia is a country well-known for its idyllic islands and Roman/Venetian styled architecture concealing precious heritage numbering thousands of years in age. In sailing circles, the Dalmatian nation is one that sits at the top of the hierarchy in terms of the best sailing destinations worldwide and it is often said that if you haven’t yet conquered the waters of the Adriatic, then you just haven’t sailed right. Many throng Croatian waters each year to get a taste of the famous sea and here are 5 five reasons why you need to be counted among that number as soon as possible.

1) The Adriatic climate smiles down on you


Annually, the country sees about 2600 hours worth of sunlight- it is the sunniest in the continent- with summer feeling the brunt of that heat and experiencing averages of about 25 C. The waters are perhaps even more famous for the maestral, jugo and bura winds that make sailing in Croatia a fun yet challenging endeavor. Winters in Europe are generally unforgivingly cruel for taking to the sea but this country fairs much better affording fairly manageable temperatures for all-year-round sailing.

2) They are thousands of islands to explore


Warm sandy beaches, hidden away bays, submerged caves, and underwater treasures are all the hallmarks of the perfect sailing vacation and this Balkan nation boasts thousands of islands rife with endless adventure that would require countless lifetimes to sample everything. From exotic chains such as the Pakleni to popular land masses such as Brac and little-known yet winsome names such as Mljet, there are literally thousands of islands to savor; 1244 islands and islets to be exact!

3) Accredited and sophisticated marinas


Croatia’s nautical notoriety boils down to a well-established network of marinas complete with the latest in boating technology and social amenities. The sailing industry is thriving off of this so much so that it accounts for 40% of the world’s charter fleet. Consequently, renting a quality vessel is extremely easy and affordable and so too is getting to famous cities as the 60 marinas are spread in close proximity to popular destinations.

4) Never ending parties and festivities


There is a never a dull day during the summer with every nightfall seeing musical festivities and booming nightclubs putting on a show that can be underwhelmingly described as amazing. If your sailing itinerary leans toward scintillating night-outs, music from world-renowned DJs and native cocktail delicacies, you’ll be bewildered by the abundance of fun along the Dalmatian coast. Alluring parties on cozy yachts are also quite common during this period at a time when having a good time seems to take precedence above all else.

5) You’ll not need to worry about security or extravagant expenses


Among all European countries, the crime rate is lowest in Croatia and cases of theft and muggings synonymous with other European sailing destinations are almost non-existent. On the other hand, getting by in terms of accommodation and day-to-day expenses such as food etc. is also significantly cheaper compared to hotspots such as Italy and Greece where prices are steep and security is not so good.

Some of the other reasons why many people dream of sailing the Balkan waters include an English speaking and friendly population, unrivaled local cuisine and UNESCO-listed treasures that are as enthralling as they are beautiful. And the list goes on and on.