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Do you really want to know how to meet people when travel alone? Of course, you start your solo tour with lots of benefits. You are free in your plans and beginnings. Pick the craziest destination and try to rent a car. You will never have problems with car rental if you use special rental apps. For example, how do you which car is good for North East American states? National rental car in Pittsburgh will help you to pick the right for local roads and weather conditions. What’s next? Book a hotel! Then, look through your travel plan and try to predict where you can stop to eat and what to see on the way. Are you ready for a trip? Probably, you are ready! You have a car, hotel, the luggage is packed and your solo trip is about to start right now! What’s wrong? You are really afraid to meet new people!

My, oh, my! You feel uncomfortable when you start a conversation. And you are afraid of meeting locals while traveling because you have to talk to them. What are you going to do now? Read these useful tips! They can make you a PRO in meeting people and making friendship!


Couple #3



First of all, traveling is a big chance to make friends all over the world. You can meet them in the cafe, local shop, or night club. Everyone has something to offer and you can be an interesting companion too.

  1. Share room

It is not a secret that people who want to make many friends like staying in the hostels. Why? Hostel always attract solo travelers. First of all, it is cheap. Also, you will never stay alone if you don’t want to. There are always many people in the living room, kitchen, lounge. You can ask for help, advice, or just share your dinner when you get bored and feel like you really need a companion. Of course, hotel rooms are more comfortable as you shouldn’t share a bathroom, toilet, and room space with others. But privacy can’t make you a social element. In the hostel people are everywhere and it will never be a problem to find a good topic for discussion.

  1. Share food

Sharing room goes side by side with sharing food. You can share food in the hostel. Kitchen is a favorable platform to start a conversation. You can share your coffee, ask for the recipe, or missed ingredients. Budget travelers can сhip in for beer, snacks, sweets. Tasting pasta or pizza, you can easily find a talking point.



  1. Learn language

If you really want to make many friends in a new country, you have to communicate with them freely. So, you need to learn a basic language. Also, basic phrases can help you to ask for the right direction, learn about interesting places you can visit, book a table in the restaurant.

Free Hugs


  1. Use apps

There are many useful apps you may use not only for renting a car or hotel, but for communication. Meeting people becomes quick and painless when you use helpful apps. First of all, you can join in the local forum, or people, who like traveling. Thus, if someone goes to India, you can go together or get in touch with each other on your route. Try Backpackr! This is the most popular international application for Android. You can download it for free and use whenever you go. It becomes easier to find fellow travelers in any destination with the help of your smart gadgets.

Fan Taking a Smartphone Snap at a Concert


  1. Join in the group tours

If you have an opportunity to explore the city and ready to talk to strangers, you can join in the group tours. It is not that difficult to make new friends when you are parts of the same group. Just visit local touristic agencies or even find information about available tours in your hotel. Check the tours they offer and find the most interesting for you by price and duration. Sharing your trip with others makes you more flexible. You are not responsible for organization, food, accommodation, transport. You only take the tour and enjoy the trip. Have fun!

Stop worrying! Most travelers are open for communication. They are open-minded and always ready to help. You don’t have to be a soft easy-going person or have special communicative skill. Just be friendly and always ready to tell the story. If you prefer traveling alone but suddenly feel like you need a company, you can join in the group tour or get a good look at your hostel neighbors. And if you feel more comfortable when talking to others through your phone, go online and spend time on the local forums.

Colorado is a beautiful country. It is a great place to spend a holiday. No matter where you go in Colorado, you will not be disappointed. Whether you’re in Denver, Phil, Breckenridge or any of the big cities, you’ll have plenty to do, plenty of dining options and lots of great places to stay. The list of things to see and do in Colorado is unlimited. They have a lot to offer, either by man or natural Not to mention the fact that it will put a big key in your plans for a family holiday. Instead of rent a car in Colorado will give you a safe ride to your destination. In addition, depending on the type of car you hire, you can have more space and can be more suited for driving.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

It is located 35 kilometers northeast of Alamos, Colorado. These are the highest sand dunes in North America, some up to 750 meters. If you do not feed skis and ski in snow, come and make sand. Behind the terraces with Medano Bay, under the terraces, you have Sangre De Cristo mountains. The park is mostly black in the summer, sand dunes can be very hot at this time. But it can certainly be quite well in the early and final parts of the day.

The Garden of gods

Public park was selected as a national mark in 1971. It is located in Colorado Springs. You will see a rock of rock. This, of course, makes it known for mountain climbers, but it is also ideal for transport, mountain bike or horse riding. Geological shapes here include red sandstone, blue, purple, white, clusters, and lime. In this area, you can see amazing animals, including sheep, sheep and horns, and more than 130 bird species.

Island Lake

It looks like something found in the tropical area, but is already in the San Juan National Forest. It is a group of ice water near Silverton. When the water level drops, rock rock appears in the middle of the lake, which is called after it. It is located at a height of 12400 feet and can only be reached through a steep 4-mile journey, but it is worth it. After you reach the place, you will receive a beautiful blue lake. In the summer months, you can see beautiful flowers.

Pikes peak

In God’s garden, you will see Pikes Peak. In 1803, Pikes Peak was bought as a shopping center in Louisiana. It is the most visited mountain in North America and one of the most visited mountains in the world.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde has over 600 rooms on the slopes. They have been the homes of Pueblo’s fathers for over 700 years. National parks, like these, often preserve nature, but Mesa Verdi is not only doing this but also continues “human action”. It was the first park to do so when it became the first national center in 1906.

Canyonlands Picquier


Located in the grasslands of southern La Junta. It is a good chance to look at the effects of dinosaurs. When you walk down, you can see more than 1,300 songs. Other parts of Colorado provide many places where you can see the bones of dinosaurs, fossils, and other monuments.

Hot springs

Hot springs are like an ordinary hot tub. This is what you need in the front of snow as Colorado. Hot water is scattered around Colorado. Hot water was common here because Americans Americans lived in this area.

As you can see, there are a lot of places to visit in Colorado. Anyone planning a vacation may also be considering rent a car in Colorado This is often a good decision So choose the area you prefer or make sure you have enough time to check the situation for a little longer. Or do some trips. Either way you will want to return as much as possible.

‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’ – this is a well-known expression, but it doesn’t mean that you should follow it and completely devote yourself to this city. The fact is that in addition to exciting shows and gambling activities, the neighborhood of the city keeps many fascinating places that are definitely worth a visit. They will give you the opportunity to add variety positive emotions during your vacation in the Sin City. What’s more, you don’t have to spend much money –  at rental24h you can rent a car and travel to any point around Las Vegas for cheap. So, check out 4 most amazing natural beauties situated in the vicinity of the city…

Red Rock Canyon

Distance from Las Vegas: 26 kilometers

The uniqueness of this canyon lies in the geology of its soil. 400 million years ago, this place was the ocean. After a long evaporation of water, which is a result of tectonic shifts and the work of the sun with the wind, the terrain turned into rock. Further, the oxidized iron painted the rocks in red color.

Red Rock Canyon Panography

These amazing landscapes annually attract more than a million tourists. However, after the wet winters, the cracked ground of the Red Rock Canyon is covered with a bright green ‘carpet’. The beauty of the desert, along with the geological and archaeological monuments makes the park the center of attraction for the campers and guests of Nevada, who tired of the noisy Las Vegas.

The main feature of the reserve is a 20-kilometers-long scenic road. When driving through it, visitors get acquainted with the geological history and splendor of the canyon. It’s along this path that the most Instagrammable places are located, including the famous Calico Hills, Indian limestone braziers, handprints and pictograms.


Hoover Dam

Distance from Las Vegas: 48 kilometers

The view of Hoover Dam is just impressive, and the scale of the project for the 30s was just fantastic! In record time, thousands of workers erected a concrete structure, paying a very high price for it: the dam took the lives of 96 people.

Near the dam there’s a drawbridge connecting the cliffs of the Grand Canyon. Visitors are allowed to climb the Hoover Dam and walk along the tunnel that served to divert the river during the dam’s construction.

Hoover Dam, Nevada

Also, you can relax on the shores of the artificial Lake Mead. With the length of 110 miles, it’s the largest reservoir in all of America. In addition, the scenery of blue waters and red rocks make it also the most beautiful place for sightseeing.


Valley of Fire

Distance from Las Vegas: 97 kilometers

When planning a trip to Las Vegas, don’t miss the Valley of Fire situated about 100 km away from the city.

Window Into the Valley of Fire

In this place the arid winds took care of the creation of picturesque rock paintings. The Valley of Fire received its name because of the red hue of the stone, which is glowing with the heat of color against the blue sky. This contrast attracts photographers and newlyweds for wedding photo shoots.

If driving along the highway from Las Vegas, the first thing that attracts your eye is the stones in the form of bee hives. The next road turn offers a spectacular view of a cluster of natural arches. In case you get to the Canyon of petroglyphs, you can see the ancient letters scratched on the rocks, as well as admire the images of animals and people. It’s amazing how time hasn’t erased them!

Each section of the Valley of Fire has its own characteristic name. For example, Rainbow Point opens a multicolored view of the rocks. It seems that the rocks are molded from clay of different shades.

The canyons of the valley are especially worth mentioning. The winding labyrinths of sand stone allow shelter from the wind. This site looks mysterious, because you can’t predict what will happen around the bend.

A stone guard lurked on the exit from the Valley of Fire – the figure of an elephant. Whether it is a joke of nature or someone’s fantasy, but the stones really resemble this animal.


Death Valley

Distance from Las Vegas: 200 kilometers

Death Valley is a place of mysterious phenomena and mystical secrets, covered with fog. There are almost no people who haven’t heard about this terrible, disturbing place. But for the fans of all unsolved and supernatural, this place is a real magnet, so it attracts all adventure seekers. In fact, this is National Park, which is located in California, just three hours away from Las Vegas.

Death Valley NP-2

However, Death Valley has nothing similar to the park in the generally accepted sense of the word – it’s called the park just because of the protection by the state. In fact, it’s a huge narrow plain located in an intermountain hollow, on both sides it’s sandwiched by mountains – the Black Mountains in the east, and the Panamint Range in the west. The entire Death Valley can be seen from the Dante’s View, which is located in the saddle of the Black Mountains at an altitude of 2 km.

Luxury travel is a kind of philosophy. It often means something bigger than traveling when you want to keep privacy and think of nothing. What does luxury traveling mean for you? Everything starts in the airport. You can use EZ rent a car Aguadilla and rent a luxury car on arrival. Also, luxury traveling means enjoying the hotel views, pool bar, SPA salon, fitness center, and other hotel services for free. It means taking tour to somewhere without any worries about your budget. But first, it is necessary to pack all the travel essentials that every luxury traveler needs.


New Stylish Telephone Case

Are you proud of your telephone? If you have the latest smartphone model you should take care of it, especially when you are traveling. So, give it something more than a stylish case. You should buy a hard and water resistant case from Samsung J3. Whatever you do, hanging out with friends, having dinner with partners, or climbing up the mountain, the hard telephone case will protect your gadget and your special memories on it.

New SIM Card

It is so difficult to be connected with your friends and relatives, especially when we have much to share. It can happen that your mobile internet stops working when you cross the border. That means you cannot share your pictures, write comments in the social media, write about the most important events in your life. You can buy a new SIM card just in the airport.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone


Traveler’s Set

As a luxury traveler you should not only go far and spend much money for that, but take care of your environment. It is all about clean environment. As a rule, people used to take plastic serviceware to eat and drink on the go, have picnic, or just go camping. Why not? It is so convenient to eat and throw the dish away. Nevertheless, luxury traveling makes you a person who takes care of the world she/he lives in. What does it mean? Should you take a pair of crystal glasses with you? It seems to be not very comfortable to pack them in. You should buy a traveler’s set which consists of portable knives, spoons and forks, natural cosmetics, and no wrapping!

J.W. Hulme Dopp Kit


Stylish Valise

Pay attention to your clothes. All luxury travelers need a high quality stylish valise or backpack to look stylish even when you are traveling. Think about what to pack! You shouldn’t take all your cocktail dresses with you. Just try to pack only items that are easy to combine and work together.

Right Shoes

Your feet are the most important thing when you are traveling. Even when you are not going to go hiking or cycling, you should think of buying a pair of high quality shoes. Don’t forget about style and fashion. Try to buy a perfect pair of leather shoes that is good for walking, business meeting, and even for owling at a rainy night. If one pair is not enough for you, you can take two pairs of shoes- for sport and leisure.

Small canapés to snack on white background


Funny Snacks

What is that? What do you like to eat on the go? It is time to remind you that you are a luxury traveler and forget about fast food and sandwiches. Anyway, you have to take some food with you. Do you think that snacks means nuts and fruits only? How about a slice of jerked beef, filet mignon, bacon, avocado cookies, and black olives? You can add a couple of points on your own taste.

Molton Brown Toiletry

If you are a luxury traveler, you should know much about Molton Brown toilet set. This is the best decision for a high class hotel. All cosmetics are made of natural ingredients and bow you up with its magic aroma. So, if you don’t want to be disappointed by the quality of local cosmetics, try to make up your own set of toiletry.

Girl spreads her hands with cream


Dry Shampoo

Wherever you go, you always look good! How is it possible? It’s not about face but hair. What if you don’t have an opportunity to take a hot shower and wash your hair? «You should take a bottle of Dry shampoo. Just pay attention to the world popular brands!!! That’s so good when your hair smells like a fresh flower or bottle of your favorite perfumes. Besides, the dry shampoo you are going to buy contains vitamins and useful oils. Also, you should pack and sleeping mask from Chanel.

Traveling is the best way to get as much experience as you can. But don’t forget to use your privileges as a luxury traveler and book a room in the best hotel, rent the most expensive vintage car, eat fresh and healthy food, and take care of your skin with the help of brand toiletry.

Skiing in November is cheaper and more convenient than in high season. Many winter resorts start opening only in December, but those located on a glacier or at high altitude, are ready to welcome you in early November. November is a low season, which means that prices for hotels, car rental and ski passes will be lower, and there won’t be queues at the lifts and at the reception points. If you want to ski, not waiting for the Christmas holidays, we have prepared the list of the best resorts in Europe with early snow…

Tignes, France


Tignes ski resort is situated in the highlands, at the Grande Motte glacier, surrounded by 3030-3600 meters-high mountains. Due to the glacier itself and high altitude, snow in Tignes falls in October. On steep and wide slopes there are 20 kilometers of tracks – two ones are blue tracks for beginners, two red and one black track for advanced skiers. The resort offers ski schools for adults and children, where kids are put on a snowboard even if they are only 2.5 years old. Also, there’s a snow park with one of the largest and fastest half-pipes in the world and freeride tracks. In addition to bars, clubs and restaurants, in Tignes you can dive under the ice of the lake and try bungee jumping.

The price for 1-day ski pass: 33 Euros for adults, 27 Euros for children until November 23, from November 24 till December 21 – 45 Euros for adults and 36 Euros for children.


Solden, Austria


Sölden is located in the Ötztal valley in Tyrol, where 40 kilometers of excellent trails are waiting for you between Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers. The slopes in Sölden are long, with elevation differences, most of them are of simple and medium difficulty. Experienced skiers prefer the Gaislachkogl expressway. There’s a separate park for snowboarders with springboards, rails, fan boxes and a half-pipe. In addition to skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering, the resort offers hiking, snowmobiling, sledging and a bowling. Other entertainment venues include cinema, swimming pools with a sauna, skating rinks, night clubs, restaurants and bars.

Price for 1-day ski pass: 53 Euros for adults, 30 Euros for children.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Surrounded by Dufour (4,654 m) and Matterhorn (4,478 m) mountain peaks, Zermatt is among the top alpine resorts. The ski area is divided into 3 ski sectors with 200 kilometers of tracks of all levels of difficulty – each sector has its own lift system. Most of the slopes are red and black, with sharp elevation changes. In addition to the ski slopes, Zermatt features trails for mogul skiing, cross-country skiing and sledging. On the Theodul Glacier you’ll find Gravity Park Zermatt – the largest snow park in Europe with rails, kickers and a two-hundred-meter super-pipe. After skiing, you can go to the pools with saunas and steam baths, tennis courts, discos and restaurants.

The price for 1-day ski pass: 75 Euros for adults, 38 Euros for children.


Val Thorens, France

Val Thorens

Val Thorens is the highest mountain ski resort in Europe, which is located at an altitude of 2300-3300 meters. 77 out of 150 kilometers of tracks are blue, 59 kilometers are red, and 14 kilometers are black tracks. In Val Thorens, there’s a unique 500-meter Fun Slope track with obstacles – tunnels, bridges and spirals, a snow park with jumps and a quarter-pipe, night skiing and cross-country skiing tracks. The resort is very popular among free-riders due to its vast virgin fields in the area of ​​the Thorens and Bush glaciers. Val Thorens has a lot of entertainments: aqua clubs with pools and Jacuzzis, tennis courts, golf and basketball courts, restaurants and discos.

The price for 1-day ski pass: 44 Euros for adults and 35 Euros for children.


Are, Sweden

Åre 2009 - Restaurant

Are is the largest ski resort in Sweden, with 100 kilometers of slopes, a height difference of 900 meters and 40 lifts, many of which are quite high-speed. The resort consists of four separate villages connecting by a free bus. The resort offers 5 black slopes, 39 red, 39 blue, and 12 green tracks. Many of them are well lit and open for night skiing. On the green slopes cross-country and downhill skiing is allowed. All tracks are open for snowboarders, and there’s also a snowcross park. In Are, you can jump with a parachute, fly a hang-glider, ride a dog sled and hit a fish under the ice of Lake Oreshchen.

The price for 1-day ski pass: 45 Euros for adults, 35 Euros for children.


Cervinia, Italy


Cervinia is a high-mountain resort on the southern slope of the beautiful Matterhorn Mountain featuring 146 kilometers of tracks and 23 lifts. The elevation difference is 1,438 meters. Most of the tracks are red and blue. Experienced skiers will be happy to try several black tracks, the most difficult of which is Bardoney. Cervinia’s blue tracks attract many tourists due to the fact that they pass almost all the slopes – this allows beginners to ride around the whole resort. For freestylers and snowboarders, there’s Indian Park with rails and kickers. What’s more, ice karting with two ice tracks is available for those who like racing. Cervinia is famous for excellent restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a bowling and a swimming pool.

The price for 1-day ski pass: 43 Euros for adults, 31 Euros for children.


So, are you ready for a trip? The things are packed and the hotel is booked. All that is left is to check this website and rent a car for a trip. It is very comfortable to use mobile apps for booking a vehicle. Or you are still saving money for your holidays. However that may be, you’d better to plan your budget. It doesn’t matter where you go and what is the goal of your trip. You’d better to plan your trip expenses in the best way to have a good vacation and no stress! Honestly, how many times did you regret about wasted money? How many times did you want to get time back and cancel operations? We all want to get maximum feedback from that money you have spent during the vacation. You can’t have a good time thinking of your expenses the whole day.

Save Money



Planning budget is especially needed for all travelers. If you are on a planning stage now, this article will help you to create a realistic plan and not to miss a thing. Are you ready for a trip? You should know that your trip planning is a kind of guide, but not a set of rules and limitations. Of course, you have a right to make mistake and also have an opportunity to correct your budget on the go. Remember, a good budget is a flexible budget.




  1. Tickets

Where are you going? If you are going somewhere a couple of hours driving from your home, it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t take much money. As a rule, air tickets take much from your budget. Just make a search. Upload one of useful apps to help you to buy tickets. Find out the price and the best route. Traveling between the continents means you have to buy air tickets. Traveling between the cities means you can easily travel by bus or train, or even rent a car that is much cheaper than the airlines.

  1. Transportation

Of course, you need a transport to get to the hotel from the airport. Public transport is the best variant, at least it seems to be the cheapest one. There are special apps where you can find out all needed information about the bus routes all over the city. Also, you may use taxi, but it usually takes much money from your budget. What about using rental car services? You can find prices with the help of mobile apps. Be careful! You need some extra money for transportation. Thus, if you are under 25 you will pay additional money for young driving.

DLTBCo.'s DM10s


  1. Accommodation

You have to spend some money for accommodation. It also takes much money from you budget if you have booked the best city hotel. Stop and think. What kind of accommodation is the best for you? Do you want to stay in the hotel or hostel? If you don’t want to spend money for accommodation at all you may try couchsurfing. It’s ok if you will change the hotel on arrival. The point is to find out the prices for accommodation in the district you are going to stay and plan it in your budget.

  1. Food

Food can be the most difficult budget point to plan. Just think where you are traveling to. If you are going to somewhere to European cities, Australia, the restaurant prices are not much different from the USA. Canada and the USA have equal prices. Traveling to Asian cities or to the South America, you can find the cheapest food here. Of course, it is difficult to plan your budget if you don’t know the prices. Do this way: the average price for dinner is about $15-20 per person in the USA and Europe. You can take even more to be sure that you’ll have enough money for dinner and coffee during the day. Speaking about alcohol, the prices on it mostly depends on the place you are traveling through.



  1. Attractions

Planning an excursion? Welcome to visiting national parks, historical museums, ancient ruins, and other city attractions? How about to go diving or surfing? Just learn as much as you can about the city and then plan your budget. Is there anything you want to try? What about shopping? Traveling to Europe, don’t forget to plan some money for shopping.

Do you really want to learn everything about how to save some money when you are traveling? Everything is simple. You can save money on every budget point. So, try to find cheap hotels, eat in the cafes, not restaurants, use public transportation or rental cars, forget about shopping, alcohol, excursions, and go walking around the city instead. Is that what you really want to do?

What are the main features of one of the largest states in America? First of all, it’s an interesting and rich history. Secondly, the state has unique and incredibly beautiful nature. Thirdly, this is a diversity of cities, among which you can find huge metropolitan areas, business and culture centers, as well as small towns, which have retained their originality.

What else Texas can offer? Actually, there are enough interesting sights in the state, but it’s impossible to describe all of them at once. Therefore, let’s check out the major ones…

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is one of the most popular naturally occurring water bodies in the United States. This is facilitated not only by the amazing appearance, but also by the purest jade waters of this small lake. Once upon a time this place was an ordinary cave, carved into the rock by an underground river, but time decided to introduce some changes in its appearance – many thousands of years ago, erosion destroyed the arch and the underground river saw sunlight for the first time.

The reservoir is a key part of the Hamilton Reserve, covering the area of 232 acres. It’s located 30 miles away from Austin, thus travelers usually have to use Enterprise rent a car at Round Rock TX, which is the nearest car rental pick up spot for getting to the pool. Those who come there for the first time, at first, are amazed at the place, fascinated by the unearthly beauty of the jade pool under a multi-layered limestone semi-dome with huge stalactites and a small 15-meter waterfall that falls from the very top.

The ceiling, walls and coastal cliffs are covered with a thick layer of moss, which gives this amazing place even wilder view, although due to the influx of tourists all this beauty gradually fades away.

A small parking lot with picnic tables and toilets is located nearby. This is done on purpose so that people don’t litter around the pool.


Downtown Aquarium-Houston

The Downtown Aquarium Houston Blue Hour HDR

An aquarium in Houston downtown was the result of the renovation of two buildings: Fire Station No. 1 and the Central Water Supply Building. This magnificent entertainment and restaurant complex occupies 24 thousand square meters. The world of aquatic miracles, with a total volume of one and a half thousand cubic meters, has become home to more than two hundred species of inhabitants from all over the world!

Combined with a great restaurant, high-class bar, fully equipped banquet hall, water and geographical exhibitions, shops and a wide range of entertainment – Downtown Aquarium-Houston is a truly remarkable and fascinating place where you can find almost everything!


Tower of the Americas

Tower of the Americas

(photo by Chuck Parker)

A few blocks from San Antonio downtown, in Hemisfair Park, you’ll find one of the symbols of Texas — Tower of the Americas, which was built in 1968 according to the design of the architect O’Nale Ford. The height of the tower is 229 meters. On the upper floors of the tower at an altitude of 170 and 176 meters there are two observation platforms.

The list of notable places observed from the deck is simply huge, and historical facts make your visit fascinating and interesting. You can learn there about the history of six flags, once representing the six nations that ruled Texas, to get to know about the Mexican attack near the Alamo Mission, as well as explore the history of the three hundred year Spanish occupation and much more!

Also, in the Tower of the Americas there’s a magnificent restaurant, offering fantastic views of the city, which can be enjoyed while sipping a cup of delicious coffee!


NASA Mission Control Center

NASA Tests New Robotic Refueling Technologies

Lyndon Johnson Space Center is one of Houston’s most famous and memorable places. This is an operating enterprise and a museum-training complex where spacecraft mockups as well as various computer simulators on which you can fly and land on other planets are presented.

Just a few years ago, access to its territory was strictly forbidden, since it was a closed military facility. Today, part of the buildings and territories is open to tourists who can see a lot with their own eyes. The main exhibit of the center is the Apollo spacecraft, which never flew to the moon. It’s interesting to know that you can also measure your weight and your strength on all planets of the solar system.


San Antonio Botanical Garden

SA botanical gardens

The atmosphere of the Botanical Garden in San Antonio inspires visitors to be alone with nature, emphasizing the important role that plants play in human life. The Botanical Garden is 176 thousand square meters of green space and the most beautiful representatives of the plant world, located in the heart of San Antonio.

The official opening of the Botanical Garden was held on May 3, 1980. Nowadays, visitors are invited to take a leisurely stroll along the Texas National Trail, themed gardens decorated in the old style, the Kumamato Japanese Garden, visit the Lucille Halsell Conservatory and a magnificent rose garden. Your attention is offered such a large variety of exciting activities and events that it’s sometimes difficult to decide what sight is better to start with.

Covered with a thick layer of snow, the Italian Alps are a recognized paradise for the fans of alpine skiing. Italy’s ski resorts are not cheap, but their value is definitely worth it: they offer well-groomed ski tracks, excellent service, developed infrastructure and plenty of entertainments, including dog-sledding trips to outdoor thermal spas overlooking the snow-capped Alps.

The number of ski resorts in Italy is just endless – you’ll be able to choose a favorite spot according to your budget, mood and adrenaline percentage in blood. So, where to go and what to expect from the best Italian ski resorts?


Cortina d’Amprezzo


This mountainous area is often called the Queen of Dolomites. It was chosen by wealthy tourists for good reason – the significant historical part of the resort was listed by UNESCO organization as a natural heritage site, and pink sunsets can be so magnificent only there.

Cortina d’Ampezzo consists of 3 main skiing areas – Tofano, Faloria and Chrisallo and with the use of Dolomites lifts super ski pass subscription tourists can ride in each of them.

Trails are designed for skiers and snowboarders with different levels of training, since beginners will be taught in the best local ski schools. Tofano hosted 1956 Winter Olympics, so there are several steep slopes for professionals. In addition to skiing, the resort also offers very unusual sports entertainment – ice polo and bouldering, which is extreme rock climbing on icy boulders.

If you rent a car at rentalcars24h, you can get to this ski region in 3 and half hours from Venice or in 4 hours from Austrian Innsbruck.



Apertura stagione Sciistica 2010/2011 a Cervinia

Located on the Matterhorn peak, Cervinia features the magnificent winter landscapes along with advantageous geological position. The wide slopes of one of the highest alpine regions attract numerous tourists with guaranteed snow cover.

Cervinia’s easy trails will be perfect for the beginners, but the more experienced skiers will be able to choose several tracks for professionals. The ace expects will get a significant bonus – riding on the northern Swiss slopes in the famous Zermatt. It’s easy to get to Cervinia from Geneva or Turin – they are situated literally two hours away from it.




The resort is a part of the so-called “Milky Way” and provides access to the ski areas of Sauze d’Oulx, Sansicario, Claviere and Cesena located near the French-Italian border. Additional skiing opportunities are provided by the nearby French resort of Montgenèvre, and in total, it offers nearly 400 kilometers of ski tracks.

Approximately 25% of the local slopes are intended for children and inexperienced skiers, and basically the terrain is suitable for tourists with an average level of training, although there are several decent routes for the advanced skiers.

It’s interesting to know that the Italians have a special leisurely approach to skiing. Therefore, neither in the morning nor in the afternoon you see the crowds at the ski lifts.

The nearest airport is located in Turin, which is less than 2 hours’ drive by car.



Mont Blanc

Courmayeur is a popular typical alpine village with cobbled streets and the aroma of coffee hovering in the air. The area is part of the famous Valle d’Aosta with more than 180 ski slopes.

The region is ideal for all skiers, and well-trained masters can head to the nearest French resort of Chamonix.

On weekends, dressed-up Italian dandies come to Courmayeur from Turin and Milan. However, they don’t like to ski on the local tracks – they come there to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, food and shopping.

Also, the resort has some very interesting entertainments – dog sledding and heli-skiing, which is a freeride far from the circled tracks on the virgin ski slopes, to which you will be delivered by helicopter.


Selva di Val Gardena


In the vicinity of the lively Bolzano city, in the valley at the foot of the magnificent Dolomites, there is a real ski paradise called Val Gardena. It’s widely known for holding the Alpine Skiing World Championships on its territory.

Such combined ski areas as Ortesei, Santa Cristina and Selva are suitable for all categories of ski tourists, and Sella Ronda circular route is especially loved by skiers. Snowboarders are attracted by the so-called powder – riding in deep soft snow.

Val Gardena is famous for its handmade wooden souvenirs, so it’s worth buying a few pieces for memory. Innsbruck is located 120 kilometers away from the resort, and Verona is about 190 kilometers away from it.


Alta Badia

Alta Badia ski resort is located in the south-east of South Tyrol at the altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level, in the center of the Dolomiti Superski ski run. This place is perfect for exploring the Dolomites. The ski season is open from late November till mid-April – during this period there’s no better place for skiing and snowboarding.

Alta Badia is equipped with modern ski lifts and prepared ski slopes. This spot is especially popular among experienced skiers, but a small ski area for children and beginners is also available.

Amazing tropical paradise Puerto Rico fascinates immediately and forever: kilometers of snow-white beaches, eternal summer surrounded by monuments of the colonial era create a real paradise for those who always wanted to feel like a treasure hunter!

Because of its small size, Puerto Rico is very convenient for traveling by car. Moreover, the island has its own airport, where you can pick up Payless car rental at SJU immediately upon your arrival.

The local culture was evolved from the mixing of Indian traditions, the long influence of the Spanish colonialists, as well as the customs of the African population, brought to the island as free labor. As a result, Puerto Rico has become the bright and distinctive country to which you want to return again and again. Well, why do thousands of tourists choose Puerto Rico for a getaway at any time of the year?

  1. Beach holiday

Where, if not on the shores of the Caribbean, you can truly enjoy a beach holiday? Puerto Rico is among the greatest spots for this: the beaches stretch along the entire coastline, there are lonely towns, noisy youth places, beaches for those who want to “catch the wave” or explore the richest underwater world.

Puerto Rico Beach Scene

If the purpose of your trip is golden tan, then go to the center of beach life – Vieques Island. It’s also famous for its unique natural attraction – the Mosquito Bay, where glowing plankton creates an amazing night show.


  1. Amazing sights

Perhaps the major highlight of Puerto Rico can be safely called the nature of the country. Humid tropical climate without significant seasonal fluctuations formed there ideal conditions for the growth of tropical forests. Thus, it’s recommended to visit the untouched corner of this world in El Yunque National Forest.

Want to feel the spirit of the country? Then go to its capital, the city of San Juan. A walk through the historic center, the Old Town, will tell more than any guide book: that’s why this area is called an open-air museum. It’s worth paying attention to the fort Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, which since 1539 served as the main defensive fortress. Today, this fortification complex is open to the public and even listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

You shouldn’t leave Puerto Rico without tasting the famous Bacardi rum, which is the country’s iconic alcoholic beverage. This is best done at the existing plant, where you won’t only get to know about its history, but also see the whole manufacturing processes.


  1. Unique cultural features

Noisy and temperamental Puerto Ricans inherited their passionate temper from Spanish ancestors, and even today, being under the control of the United States, retain a national flavor. From the first minutes on the island, you will feel sincere hospitality, especially if you just as honestly admire the local beauty. The local population is very musical: the rhythms of salsa, reggae and calypso still sound in every corner of the island.

Puerto Rico

The dominant religion of the islanders is Catholicism. However, the religious traditions of the Indians and African spiritualism are woven into it. Communication for Puerto Ricans is the basis of life, and not only the verbal component is important, but also sign language, facial expressions and emotionality. Despite the preservation of cultural identity, the influence of the United States still affects different spheres of life: strict observance of laws, a high level of education, excellent roads and infrastructure that are difficult to meet in other Caribbean countries.


  1. Tasty cuisine

The world-famous cuisine of Puerto Rico has immediately Indian, Spanish and African roots at once. On an everyday table, the soup is the major local dish, and even the same recipe, each housewife prepares in her own way. The classic black bean soup will be an excellent option for those who are not used to exotic dishes.

2017 Latin Cuisine Summit - Arriba El Caribe

(photo by Leadership Programs)

Puerto Rican cuisine offers a huge selection of dishes for meat lovers: numerous stewed pork dishes, beef, baked chickens and meat pies have become an echo of Spanish cooking, unusually complemented with local traditions. Puerto Rican Beef Stew is a satisfying solution that knows no competitors at the local dinner table. Those travelers who want to pamper themselves with the best should pay attention to the signature dish of most restaurants – the Caribbean lobster.

Black Puerto Rican coffee completes the meal and has become a national drink. Freshly squeezed juices from local fruits and iced tea are indispensable delicacy in the heat. Unusual coconut-based desserts, sweet cakes and candied fruit also wait for a special attention of all the sweet teeth!


  1. Shopping

Shopping in Puerto Rico cannot boast of something special, however, the low tax rate makes many purchases profitable. In the elite shopping center Plaza Las Americas situated in the island capital you’ll find almost all global brands, while in the souvenir shops of the Old Town, skillfully made gizmos of local craftsmen are offered – ceramics, quality hammocks and coconut masks.

Plaza Las Americas

(photo by Carfer Lamor)

Shops are open from Monday to Wednesday from 9 am till 7 pm, Thursday and Friday – until 9 pm, and on Saturday the marketplaces are available only until 5 pm.









Games of chance were legalized in Las Vegas back in the thirties of the last century. Since then, the city has become a real epicenter of casinos and other entertainment venues. The state of Nevada and especially Las Vegas has always been distinguished by its free character. For example, it’s allowed to smoke and drink alcohol in the streets and in many public places of Las Vegas. Only there you can leave the club in the evening and wake up with your wife in the morning. Only there even the most non-gambling person cannot resist so as not visiting the casino.

One thing is for sure – the Sin City loves fun and money! If you come there, get ready to fork out, otherwise it will be boring. The selection of entertainments, for which you can spend your savings, is just endless. However, you’ll need to rent a car at NU Las Vegas for trying them all. So, what interesting activities await you in Vegas?

Casinos and slot machines

Osheas Casino

For many people, Las Vegas and casino are synonymous. How many films have captured these velvet tables, blinking slot machines, placers of tokens, chirr of roulettes and eyes burning with excitement? Now there are about a hundred casinos, and thousands of gambling halls in Vegas. They are happy to welcome those people who willing to try their luck. Minimum bets are very small, so almost anyone can play.

All major casinos are located in Downtown area along Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, more precisely, its part, which is called the Strip. Anyone can visit the casino – the doors are open for everyone, but face control is not practiced in Las Vegas.

After each game the slot machine will give you a voucher, which can then be used as a “credit card” for other games. In short, it’s valid for all gambling devices. Its “shelf life” is six months. You can cash out a voucher there, in the hall, in a special machine for issuing money. Everything is easy, simple and clear.


Shows, concerts and performances

Jackpot - Las Vegas Style Show

All kinds of Las Vegas shows are no less popular than the casino. That’s why Las Vegas is considered to be the world’s entertainment capital. What shows are available in the city?

  • Comedy performances;
  • Illusionists and other magicians;
  • Circus performances;
  • Programs for adults;
  • Hypnotists;
  • Concerts of celebrities;
  • Musicals;
  • Dance shows;
  • Sport events.

The most popular are, for example, the famous Cirque Du Soleil, which offers almost a dozen different programs, Blue Man Group, David Copperfield, the Mamma Mia musical and others.

Price tags are very different: on average, from $30 to $100, but for all the most interesting and popular shows, you will have to pay from $100 to $200.

Water Show of the Bellagio / Las Vegas

Where to find information about the performances? At the reception of any hotel you can take a booklet, which will list all the most interesting upcoming events.


Night clubs and bars

Those who cannot stand still are invited to numerous nightclubs and bars. There are both establishments situated at large casino hotels, and separate ones. Las Vegas clubs are very unique – it’s here that you may come face to face with some celebrity.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Some of the most famous clubs are:

  • Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan
  • Voodoo Lounge at the Rio Hotel
  • Chateau Nightclub at the Hotel & Casino Paris
  • Moon Nightclub in the Palms

As for bars, their selection is just incredible! They can be found at any casino or even in the open air.


Entertainment venues

For those who like to tickle the nerves or see something curious, there will be a lot of interesting things too.

Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides

For example, the Stratosphere Hotel offers four attractions: the Big Shot, the SkyJump, the X-Scream, and Insanity. They are located at the very top of the tower, and each them will give a thrill and the opportunity to see the panoramic view of the city.

X-Scream - The Stratosphere

The Big Apple Coaster

This is one of the most exciting and favorite tourist rides available at New York-New York Hotel. It’s hard to describe it – you should try the roller coaster on your own. Schedule: Sunday-Thursday – from 11 am till 11 pm, Friday and Saturday – from 10:30 am until midnight. A single ticket costs $14, while a 1-day pass is available at $25/person.

Aquariums and zoos

You can admire the water attraction placed in the Mirage Hotel – Aquarium at The Mirage. It is located right behind the reception desk and you can look at it completely for free of charge. In addition, the fans of the underwater world can visit the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. One of the features of this place is the sensory pool, in which visitors can pet the fish. An adult ticket costs $18, and the price for a children ticket is $12.


(photo by Daniel Parks)

Street entertainments

While walking along the Strip in the evening, you can witness the amazing show of the singing and dancing Bellagio Fountains situated opposite the Bellagio Hotel. The spectacle is truly fascinating, even if you have seen more than one such fountain in your life.

The Venetian Hotel provides the opportunity to ride a gondola along an improvised canal recreating a piece of the Italian Venice.

On Fremont Street, you can become a spectator of the Fremont Street Experience light show, which involves screens that form a dome above the pedestrian section of the street.