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3 Tips For Preparing For A Family Day At The Beach

Everyone loves a day out at the beach, and as we are in the peak of summer, it seems only right to put together a few tips to help you prepare for a family day at the beach! Any day out as a family can be stressful, let alone when the beach is involved. It always seems like so much more stuff is needed for the beach, so we are here to help you get organised so that you can fully enjoy the day with your family without any worries. 

Pack Your Own Bag First 

Before you start to think about all the beach toys, lunches and swimming costumes, get your own bag sorted first. Make sure you have your keys, phone and money, then pack your sanitiser, tissues and a mini first aid kit. It is certainly worth investing in a designer baby changing bag, as they usually have super organised compartments to make it easy to find everything. 

Plus, the quality means it will survive countless days out! Not only this, but they look great, so you can be super organised whilst feeling your best. Once you know that you are all sorted and your bag is in order, you can start juggling the rest of the things you need to take! 

Pre-Make Lunch

The next tip to help you get organised is to pre-make your lunch. When you head to the beach, places usually up their prices when it comes to lunch and the queues are horrendous, especially on a sunny day. So, the best thing to do is to pre-make lunch so you have bits and pieces on hand as soon as your little ones get hungry. Pack everything into a cool bag with ice blocks so it stays cool, along with plenty of water. 

Start with something filling like sandwiches on bread rolls, as these are super easy to make and they are also easy to hold without all the fillings falling out. Then take a big sharer bag of crisps for everyone to pass around, chop up some refreshing pineapple and melon and then a few extra snacks like sausage rolls. 

You have the bulk of the food you will need and then you can buy a few ice creams on the day whilst you are there! This is a fantastic way to save some money, be prepared and also to not have to worry about where lunch is coming from. 

Take Supplies For Shade

When you spend the entire day at the beach in the sun, you need some shade. So, pack a beach umbrella, a wind break or a beach tent, just so there is a small amount of shade if someone needs it. You can rotate throughout the day to make sure everyone isn’t overly exposed to the sun. 

Making sure you have planned this in advance is important, as it will be very difficult to create shade when you are there without these. As with the lunch situation, you are a captured audience for the local shops who will charge a fortune! So, be prepared when it comes to your supplies for shade. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! It can be overwhelming trying to prepare for a day at the beach, so hopefully this has given you a few tips about how to make it easier. A final tip for you is to pack as much as possible in the car the night before. In the morning, you should just need to pack the food and your family and you’ll be good to go! 

Top Travel Essentials For Men

The time is coming where it may be possible for us to go on our long-anticipated holiday to a different country, or at least be able to have a staycation. Packing for these trips can be exciting but can turn stressful rapidly. It may be the case that some men just throw a few things in the suitcase the day of the trip and hope for the best, but this can cause a lot of grief whilst away due to forgotten essentials. In this article, we will go through the most important essentials any man needs when going away.

Before You Go: 

Download Offline Maps

If you don’t have data roaming abroad it is best to have all the maps downloaded on your phone that you think you may need. There is nothing worse than going to a foreign place and not knowing how to get to your hotel or any attractions. Downloading the maps will help to identify places you may have missed and will keep you on track of your location.

Download A Translation App

If you are lucky enough to be able to travel to a foreign country, a good translation app is a must on anyone’s list. It can help in so many ways including reading signs, ordering food and also speaking to locals. Most good apps also translate in real-time. 

Have A Copy Of Essential Documents

No matter what type of holiday people go on, it is a great idea to have a copy of all documents that will be hard to replace such as passports, visas etc. This can be done by either photocopying everything separately or by taking photos and sending it to yourself via email. 



This may be an obvious essential but you would be surprised by the number of people who get to the airport or dock and then realise that they have forgotten their passport. This is a must and it needs to be in a place easily accessible, if you don’t have this, you will not be going on the trip. 

Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

A European Health Insurance Card is still valid but cannot be purchased anymore. If you are travelling, it is important to purchase a Global Health Insurance Card which covers worldwide travel. This can be applied for via the government website.

Travel Insurance

The GHIC is essential but it is more essential to have proper travel insurance as this will help with medical expenses and much more. It is important to know what the holiday will include as you will need to ensure that the insurance covers the holiday needs. 



A good quality pair of sunglasses make an essential for all travel no matter where you are going. Make sure they are suited to your face shape as well as being a great all-rounder for the pool or going on travels. 

Swim Shorts:

Swim Shorts are another essential item, whether you are spending time in the pool, at the beach or you stumble upon a secluded fountain.  Wherever you go its great to have a pair of swim shorts in your bag just in case. 

Coming Home Clothes:

This is the last thing on peoples mind when going away but also a very important set of clothing. If you are coming back to the UK from a sunny destination, its best to have some warm clothes to come back to. A full tracksuit is a great way to keep comfy and warm whilst on the flight home as well as them being easy to put on and take off if you get too hot or cold.

Essential Travel Apps That Every Travel Enthusiast Needs

Modern day travel in 2020 depends on technology like no time before. Not only do travel apps provide information, guidance and inspiration, but they can also be a great resource to plan your trips and manage the general logistics of your travelling. 

There are plenty of apps available out there in the app development world that should be in your itinerary when it comes to useful travel apps. Whether it’s helping you navigate through a new city, book your next hotel or help with your language difficulties, there’s practically an app out there for everything.

If you’re looking to book your next trip, you may want to consider these apps as part of your travels so you can have a stress relieved trip experience.

Booking flights – Hopper

One frustrating aspect of travelling is that your plan can be rather spontaneous. Therefore, your trips might not be set in stone and you may need to book flights or updates off the cuff. With Hopper, it’s the ideal app for you to find the cheapest flights extremely last minute. It uses a colour code system to show historical prices of the dates you choose for each of your trips. Green shows the cheapest days to fly whilst red shows the most expensive. It can be perfect when you’re working on a budget and are being rather spontaneous with your trip choices.

Accommodation –

Managing your hotel accommodation and booking through is extremely simple. It has everything you need at your fingertips and even has a reward scheme that’s perfect for discount rooms when you need to skrimp a little on your prices. It also has features to search and compare, check your details and gain instant savings.

Organising your trip – Roadtrippers

If you’re organising an epic road trip with your pals, Roadtrippers can be perfect for just exactly that. It can not only plan out your route but it can also show you hotels and activities that are close by along the way. It also has a unique feature of showing interesting places that are out of site that you can enjoy as well as not-to-miss landmarks that you can visit. Bookmarking them is great to remember them for the future. 

Navigating through your airports – Loungebuddy

You always want to have a smooth experience when you enter the airport, and there’s no better way to do that than getting yourself into the airport lounge for a comfortable experience. Loungebuddy offers airport lounge access regardless of the airport that you’re visiting or the class that you’re flying with. If you’re looking to search for a specific lounge access, it also enables you to search for that too.

Your business is doing great and you want to expand, you decide that Europe is your best option, but what should you be wary of? Creating a business in your homeland can be difficult enough, expanding into another country should be done with some caution. It’s an exciting time to be expanding the business but here’s a look at some tips to consider before you start the big expansion.



It may seem obvious, but some wouldn’t consider the country they are moving to as a separate entity in Europe. Every country has its own laws and opinions to your own so it’s best to research whether your product or service will be suitable for the chosen market. Testing the product overseas is a good way to work out the reaction to your service, this will help minimise costs if the business isn’t appropriate for the country. Also, researching the cost of land and materials will show if the country is a viable option, using professionals in the sector can help you with working out the worth of buildings and land.

Legal Aid

Every business will benefit from using corporate solicitors whilst setting up a business overseas. Their guidance will help you will all the different laws that come with employment in a foreign land, a lot of rules can change abroad so it’s best to have a professional telling you that everything you’re doing is legal before any issues can be raised. Employees rights, working hours, office and warehouse safety are all areas to focus on whilst running a business in Europe as it all varies depending on the country.

Pace Yourself

For most businesses, there isn’t a rush to execute big decisions regarding expansion. Waiting for the right time of year for the businesses needs should be considered, don’t try to move during your busiest time as it’s likely to add errors to the current business or the move. Taking the time to plan everything through and prepare stocks will ensure your business thrives overseas.

Political Climate

Whilst taking your time you should consider the political climate, learning about recent updates in the country has the potential to change any big decision you want to make. A good example would be Brexit, it’s going to change a lot of trading lines and law in different countries and might have the potential to affect your business negatively. Taxes are another area to consider, some countries will offer you relief to start up there, whilst others may charge more than you were expecting.

Travelling solo can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, discovering cultures, making friends for life and knowing the true feeling of complete independence. However, it can at times be a challenging journey, battling unexpected events and sometimes even loneliness. Here are some top tips for solo travel if you’re thinking about embarking on a solo adventure:


Thorough planning

It can be a freeing experience to live life as it comes, taking opportunities that arise with no ties. This can certainly be achieved with solo travel and is definitely an element of its appeal. However, having rough plans in place could save you from not having anywhere to sleep, incurring unnecessary costs and prevent you feeling unsafe. You should, at the bare minimum, decide which countries you will be visiting, in what order, and research where it best to stay within those areas. Booking through Airbnb’s nowadays is popular for solo travellers, although it can be expensive, it provides you with your own space and can often be booked last minute.


Keep in touch

Loneliness can be your biggest battle when travelling solo. Try booking a room in some hostels amongst the Airbnb’s and hotels, where the feeling of community can help you to make friends. Making friends is an important part of a solo journey in order to stop yourself from feeling isolated. Engage in any festivals, events and open mic nights, and get yourself out there, approaching a group of people you feel like you may want to spend more time with. On many occasions, you will end up travelling on with them in future, meaning you’ve got some company for the long journey’s ahead!


Savvy Thinking

Considering little ways to make the overall trip cheaper is the best way to keep the trip constantly affordable and have some spare money for any emergency. Booking overnight trains to save on accommodation might seem uncomfortable but with the right travel pillow you’ll be able to save some money long term. Using a travel card is another savvy tip to ensure you finances are safe and you get a better exchange rate. it’s best to take fitness clothing or something comfortable you can wear on a train.


Don’t take more than you need

The key to solo travelling is to travel light, taking with you only the necessities. Many travellers prefer to carry a backpack where they can fit their clothes, toiletries, spare sleeping bag and anything else they may need. This way, you’re limited with what you can fit, meaning you’re almost forced to travel lightly. If you purchase something and don’t have the room to bring it home, then why not post it? Many travellers come across items they’d like to take home with them and end up sending them back home to a relative to keep safe upon their return.



For countries such as America, you’ll need to apply for an ESTA, giving you up to three months travel without needing a Visa. A similar program is available in the UK, with their Visa Waiver system. However, if you intend on a longer stay, then it may be worth looking into how to apply for British citizenship. Visa policies vary from country to country, you’ll need to do some research into the countries you are visiting and establish what documents you may need before you travel.

Visiting Paris, whether it’s for weeks or a weekend, it can be tiring and intense. You may spend lots of time on public transport or walking around so pack a comfy travel pillow, comfy shoes, headphones and have a good playlist on shuffle. I have created a list of must-see attractions when in Paris.


Main Attractions 

You cannot go to Paris without visiting the outstanding buildings within the city. Whether your passing by, catching public transport or a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, Paris is known for its stunning, unique buildings. Attractions such as the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel tower, river Seine, Arc De Triomphe, Sainte Chapelle, Palace of Versailles and even more. So make sure you bring a good camera and plenty of money as most of them require entry fees. 


Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is a must see attraction, not just because of the grand size of it but also the buzz surrounding it, there’s often markets and it has the most amazing restaurants and cafes near by which sell traditional french food and drinks which are delicious. 

Food and Drink. 

Traditional french, good quality food can be found everywhere from fast-food crepiries, markets, cafes and high end restaurants, it’s very unlikely you will have a bad meal in France. Try and be adventurous and try new food and drink to get a real feel for the culture. 


There are markets everywhere in paris which sell all sorts of different things from tasty food to live animals to bracelets. Put your bartering hat on and you could potentially grab yourself a bargain.

You could also invest in a personal shopper, but not one of those that takes you to all of the designer shops, they take you round markets and thrift shops, however you have to be open minded and be willing to look for hours. 


Galeries Lafayette

Galeries lafayette is every shopaholic dream! Outside may look a little shabby however inside is the most luxurious, prestige and beautiful place, with floors and floors of designer clothing, makeup and household items including candles which sell for thousands of euros. If you venture to the top floor, outside there is a stunning view of Paris in all directions. Also every friday there is a fashion show on the top floor open to the public. 


Moulin Rouge 

This is a MUST DO attraction, the Moulin Rouge is an experience that will stay with you for life, the intimate venue and experience, although pricey, is worth every penny. You see stunning dancers, singers, performers, magicians and acrobatics throughout the show and each show is unbelievably skilled and unique. Even if it’s not your ‘cup of tea’ the Moulin Rouge is not just a show it’s an experience. 

You get seated in a luxurious room with no more than 500 people inside, you have a personal waiter and you can pre-order a bottle of champagne, which I totally recommend as its nearly double the price when you get inside. No cameras are allowed and you must turn your phone off. 

Prepare yourself for a considerable amount of nudity, however it doesn’t atall feel offensive or inappropriate. 

Disneyland Paris. 

If you are bringing children along, or not, Disneyland Paris is a great place to visit and to fill a day, you can often find great deals online for a day pass, otherwise it’s worth the money.

It’s truly magical when you get there, there’s over 50 attractions and rides and there are multiple parades throughout the days. 

Whether you have a break during your studies or want an extended holiday travelling around one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, interrailing around Europe is an amazing experience. With the ability to buy a singular ticket and travel around Europe as much as you want will you selected time, interrailing is the perfect getaway. But before you set off on the experience here’s a look at some interrailing tips for 2019.


Additional Charges

Although the price of the ticket is fair and affordable, there are some extra charges to expect while travelling. For longer journeys, some train stations will ask for a booking fee to reserve your place on the train. It usually occurs for the longer trips to the more popular times to travel, I.e. travelling from Barcelona to Rome during the evening, will be costly as most people try to save on accommodation by using evening travel.


Travel Route

There might be a dozen cities you want to visit and heading to the one you’re most excited about from might not be the best plan. Mapping out all the places you want to go to and working out the shortest routes to avoid extended train journeys helps you make the most out of each city. Trying to fit in 5-8 cities is a difficult task if you want 3 or 4 days to really explore the area, and tactically changing your train duration from 8 hours to 3 hours will add up over time. With the right travel accessories, you can also consider overnight trains to save on spending money on a hostel for the night.


Protect Your Money

You have to put a lot of trust in hostels with your luggage, and at times you might feel like you are at a crossroads with whether you should take all your money out with your or leave some in your bag. Luckily for the past few years, a travel card is the safest way to store your money. Working as a modern-day traveller’s cheque, a traveller card works in the same way as a debit card, you simply transfer your daily or weekly funds onto it and pay for goods and services on it. With better foreign rates and the ability to keep your money safe on it to avoid being robbed of all of your money, it’s one of the most important things to get before you set off interrailing.


Review Your Recommendations

Online articles about where to visit in a city can quickly become outdated, along with the prices of goods and services. When you arrive at your accommodation, it’s worth speaking to the owners and other residents to see if online information lines up with locals and peoples recommendations.

There’s nothing like escaping the winter blues with a wonderful holiday in the sun. When it’s grey and dreary at home, sometimes you need to get away from it all. So, if you’re headed off to a sunnier climate, then here’s a guide to what to pack for your winter holiday:


Where are you going?

First thing’s first, where are you headed? Keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure you’re packing smart. Perhaps you’re headed on an all-inclusive holiday in the Caribbean, or maybe you’ve opted for a cruise in the Mediterranean, either way, there is a small chance you may encounter some unpredictable weather. Keep this in mind when you’re packing your bag.



Any fashion blog will tell you that there are endless trends when it comes to what to take on holiday. But you should forget them (for now) and take it back to basics with some much-needed holiday essentials. Remember your toiletry bag should be filled with all your favourite holiday minis, including antibacterial gel and after sun. Then there’s all the necessary travel documents and passport, best kept it a handy wallet to make sure everything is together.



Even if you’re only going to be on the plane for a couple of hours, there’s no harm in bringing some entertainment for the journey. Pack a couple of those unread books you’ve had sat on your bookshelf and grab a couple of magazine’s from the airport lounge. You can also download a couple of games you can still play on your phone while on airplane mode.


Key Outfits

When it comes to packing for holiday there’s one golden rule – less is more! Yes, you want to cram your suitcase to the rim with all your outfits, but every item needs to be well thought-out. It’s best to bring a couple of vests, t-shirts, womens sleepwear and basic cotton shorts. These will be your go-to items when you’re by the pool or chilling at the hotel bar.

Then, there are the other outfits for occasions where you’re headed on an excursion or out to dinner. Be sure to pack a little black dress, as this can be paired with practically everything! And don’t forget to pack some heels or wedges if you plan on visiting the local bars and clubs.



Nothing says ‘beach babe’ than a well-accessorised look. Body chains, necklaces and some holiday-style anklets should all be considered essentials! A large beach bag is also a must, along with your favourite pair of sunglasses (and some spares). Accessories should be kept to a minimum, so as not to take up room in your suitcase that could be used for clothes!

It is officially Winter which means it’s time to ditch the swim shorts and sun cream and start layering up. Although Winter can often feel long, dark and dreary, there is no better way to cheer yourself up than investing in some seasonal knits. Knitwear is an important staple in any man and woman’s wardrobe. This year the runway has left you spoilt for choice as an abundance of styles hit high-street retail which means you’re bound to love one (or two, or three) and there is no excuse for being cold.


The best knitwear on the high-street this Winter is embracing bright colours to inject the dark, cold weather with a pop of vibrance. You can even take this to the next level by trying the psychedelic geometric patterns which will ensure you make a bold statement this Winter. Another way of turning heads is to try a neon or animal print jumper which were all the rave at New York Fashion Week AW/18.


This trend is extremely popular this year which isn’t surprising considering it offers extreme comfort and warmth as well as a cute and effortless look that you can wear with pretty much anything. You can find oversized branded jumpers anywhere, from Primark to Urban Outfitters depending on your budget. A top tip is to look in the men’s section for that perfect oversized fit. Pair your oversized jumper with a pair of boots for that ultimate cute-chic look, or if the thought of bare legs makes you cold, then pair with a pair of jeans or tights for that extra snug look.


Whatever style jumper you like, you are sure to be able to find it cropped. Although a crop is not everyone’s cup of hot chocolate, a baggy cropped jumper can be super flattering when worn with a pair of high waisted jeans or trousers.

Crew Neck

The crew neck is a timeless cut within fashion and looks perfect on a jumper for that laid-back, uber trendy look. The crew neck jumper works perfectly when layering under a jack or on top of a roll neck. It also looks incredibly smart under a blazer.

Roll Neck

The roll neck knit is extremely popular and 90s throwback that everyone is enjoying. Roll necks work best in dark colours such as black, navy and grey and are perfect to wear under a big coat or a tailored jacket and paired with a scarf. It is important to remember that when you wear a roll neck, it is the pinnacle of your whole outfit, so make sure you dress around it. If you opt for a roll neck in a vibrant colour, then keep in mind to tone the vibrancy down with a heavy piece of neutral outwear.